*After seven successful years in business and a growing busy life outside of the farm I regret to inform you Deane Acres will be discontinuing operations. We have successfully transitioned our goats to other well-maintained goat farms with the full knowledge that they will be well cared for and loved.*


Your friends from Deane Acres

Deane Acres Nigerian Dwarfs

 : )Welcome to Deane Acres Farm. We are a small goat farm of about 10 acres in Western Pennsylvania, located about 35 miles north of Pittsburgh, near Zelienople. Deane Acres began in the spring of 2010 when I purchased two pregnant Nigerian Dwarf does. These two does, sisters and best friends, together gave me five bucklings! We made the decision to keep the smallest of Ginger’s triplets and a couple months later, purchased another doe and our first buck, bringing our total to five goats. As I go along, I plan to expand my herd by adding quality animals, but I would like to keep it small and manageable, giving each goat plenty of love and attention.


We have kids on the ground! Check out the kidding and sales page to see our new arrivals! I am now offering ORIGINAL ART and COMMISSIONED CHARCOAL PORTRAITS of your pet! Head over to Stonato Art for more information.


Why Nigerian Dwarf Goats?

When I started researching different goat breeds, I was immediately taken by the Nigerian Dwarf. In a nutshell, they are colorful, miniature dairy goats! The dairy characteristics of the Nigerian Dwarf were definitely part of what convinced me of this particular breed. For the tiny goats that they are (when full grown they are approximately the size of a Labrador Retriever) they give an amazing amount of milk! In our first year milking, we have found that our does give roughly 4 cups a day. Nigerian Dwarfs are also amazingly colorful, having a large variety of patterns and some even have blue eyes. This breed is also extremely friendly – so, even if not for their milking capabilities, the Nigerian Dwarf would still make an amazing pet!

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